Sparkles Forever featured on TweetFind

Today TweetFind makes an introduction to their subscribers, featuring Sparkles Forever celebrity fashion jewelry:

“Who doesn’t love feeling like a celebrity? While most of us will never walk a red carpet, get handed a check for thousands and millions of dollars nor will we ever see our name in lights, it’s certainly good to know that while we may BE celebrities, it is possible to look a little bit like one.” – TweetFind

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TweetFind Blog was created in 2010 to inform people & businesses about Social/Twitter related news, articles and tips.  While was created in 2008 by Founder, Ruben Orozco, to simplify the Twitter experience for Businesses & users looking for a way to get noticed on Twitter.  I’ve signed up both my personal & SparklesForever Twitter accounts and may I say so far the results have been successful.

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Ruben Orozco Email:  info (at)
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